Gran Fira de València


Alternate language versions: Valencià Castellano

The Battle of the Flowers

One of the most representative events during the Gran Fira is the traditional and century old Battle of the Flowers, with 2016 being the 125th anniversary (the first battle was held in 1891). Different floats and carriages pulled by horses parade in a battle in which flowers are the only weapons. The celebration takes place on the last Sunday in July and brings an end to the Great Fair. On the eve, the Nit de la Punxà is held at the Ciutat Fallera: the float masters do the finishing touches to their floats, decorating them with the flowers.

The Alameda is filled with colour, with thousands of Valencians watching the flower-decorated floats parade, with elegant and colourful motives (floral, vegetable, animal, decorative, exotic and mythological). The ‘crews’ on the floats include the falleres of València, the regina (Queen) of the Jocs Florals, the representatives of the Federation of Regional Associations, the Queen of Poetry, the falleres majors of other falles groups, as well as the candidates to falleres majors, Maids of Honour and the Court, and other festa and civic groups.

Firecrackers are lit as a signal for the battle to begin. The parade is preceded by a group of dolçaina players and drummers, accompanied by horses mounted by couples dressed in traditional farming attire. The floats follow, and they are rated by a jury. Among the prizes is the Baró de Cortés award for the best floral decorations. Once the awards have been granted, the actual battle begins in a massive and festive exchange of flowers (marigolds) that fills the atmosphere with joy.